4 effortless ways to uninstall apps in Windows 10 or Windows 11

Get ultimate protection with System Mechanic® Ultimate Defense™—secure password management, anonymous browsing, malware blocking, and so much more—all in one easy-to-use software suite. Our suite of tools can help speed up a computer, cutting down on future problems, enhancing safety, and making the overall user experience better. Give it a try for free, and help prolong your computer’s life and reduce technical headaches significantly. Your computer can seem to be working perfectly one day, but then becomes non-functional. If that is the case, going with a System Restore can allow you to go back to a point when the computer was functioning.

There’s no better way of showing readers how a program actually looks in operation. I mostly review Windows software, so I’m familiar with the various ways to capture screens on that operating system. Nearly every computer user occasionally needs to take a screenshot, if only to share what they’re seeing on the screen with a colleague or external business. The Snip & Sketch tool is easier to access, share and annotate screenshots than the old Snipping Tool. It can now capture a screenshot of a window on your desktop, a surprising omission when the app was first introduced that kept us on Team Snipping Tool until recently. Streamlabs OBS, not to be confused with OBS Studio, is also a software tool that allows you to record your screen and create real-time live streams.

You will not be able to click “Finish” or “Clean” until it completes its search for the remaining files. If you prefer not to go digging around in settings, you can also uninstall directly from the Start Menu. In order to do this, press the Windows key on your computer or click the icon in the lower left-hand corner. Right-click any application and choose “Uninstall” from the drop-down menu. You’ll need a third-party uninstaller app that will allow you to select applications in bulk for uninstallation. They’re very efficient, but not usually free to use.

As a desktop engineer or consumer safe mode is always helpful to troubleshoot drivers and other Windows 10 booting issues. In VMware ESXi, you can manually clone a VM, copy files in datastore or export VM at once. It’s time-wasting and easy to cause human errors. In order o simplify multiple VM backup and management, you can use the free VMware backup software – AOMEI Cyber Backup to perform virtual machine backup and recovery. It offers flexible backup strategies to secure your VMware environment continuously and automatic backups for multiple virtual machines.

Virtual Desktop wallpaper

You may also be able to reach this screen by pressing the Windows Key, typing “advanced startup” into the search bar, and selecting “change advanced startup options” from the search results. After your device powers up, you’ll see a ‘Choose an option’ menu, follow these steps, first hit Troubleshoot, then Advanced options, then startup settings, and finally restart. After your device restarts, you’ll boot into the ‘Choose an option’ menu, follow these steps, first hit Troubleshoot, then Advanced options, then startup settings, and finally restart.

  • You have the option to set a delay for 3, 5, or 10 seconds.
  • Widgets- This feature will bring users closer to the information they are seeking on their windows.
  • Similar to the ‘Remote computer’ option, but in this option UninstallView also scans the Registry of all user profiles on the remote system.
  • Go to Boot Options, and uncheck the Safe boot checkmark.

PCs sold with Windows 11 Home will be more restrictive than an iPhone. Restarting your computer can remove the damaged or corrupt temporary files that cause Windows 11 updates not working in Windows Update. On a Windows 11 supported computer, you can directly install Windows 11 using the ISO file. Besides, you can also use the methods mentioned in this post if Windows 11 is not available in Windows Update. Multitasking- Multitasking is key to increased creativity and productivity.

Try Windows 10’s Mixed Reality Portal on Your PC with Insider Build 15048 — No Headset Required

You can use this tool to here easily erase any annotation you’ve made on your screen capture. Simply click on the eraser tool and click and drag over any previous annotation to erase it from your screen capture. In addition to this, if you would like to remove all your annotations, then click the drop-down arrow under the eraser tool and select ‘Erase all ink’. This will erase all the annotations you’ve made on your screen capture. This is the default tool activated when you activate Snip & Sketch on your Windows 11 PC. This tool allows you to capture your screen in any rectangular shape and form.

Out-of-the-box Windows 10 includes a few ways to take screenshots of the entire screen or active window. Many of us are creating screenshots on our computers, but users report that pictures aren’t saved when users snap a screenshot. This is a minor problem for some, while others are having a hard time with the print screen not working on Windows 10. The screenshot has been saved in the clipboard and you will need to paste it into an image editing tool. A quality feature in the windows family is to take the screenshots with the help of an in-built snipping tool.

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